Greetings from Korea

TAMK participated in the e-Learning Korea 2011: Expo in Seoul. Finland was represented well in the expo: Finpro had arranged an exhibition for 7 Finnish organisations and companies. The participants from TAMK were language teachers Henri Annala and Marianna Leikomaa.

We mainly promoted TAMK’s new on-line vocational teacher education program, but naturally also replied to a lot of questions about our English degree programmes as well. People also seemed interested in Finland in general, and a few people we met had even visited Tampere!

Seoul is a bustling city with lots of sights and it would’ve been great to be able to see a bit more of it! This just means that we will have to come back soon again, and enjoy even more of what this great city has to offer! (And to eat some more of the fabulous food served here!)

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