New blog for foreign students!

Suomea oppimaan! – Finnish language and culture for foreigners is a new blog for foreign students learning Finnish. The blog was started by Marja Oksanen, who works as a senior lecturer in Finnish language at TAMK. “The blog contains Finnish language exercises and links to diverse themes which students can learn about independently. Foreign students have so few Finnish language lessons that it is not possible to talk about the culture as much as would be necessary”, tells Oksanen. The blog also includes students’ stories and experiences.

“On my own courses, students produce texts both as part of the course performance and on their own initiative when they have something to say. I think it is important that foreign students have a channel to tell about their experiences in Finland. Those coming or thinking of coming to Finland can also find interesting viewpoints in the blog. Exchange students can also use the material.” Visit the blog Suomea oppimaan!

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