The international study week, hosted by Reykjavik University, was held in Reykjavik in May 2013. TTK University of Applied Sciences in Tallinn, Halmstad University in Sweden and Tampere University of Applied Sciences sent students to an intensive study week along with a teacher to take part in the Nordplus Higher Education “Express Mobility” programme.

The network on “Sustainable Water and Energy Management in Environmental Engineering” managed by Tampere University of Applied Sciences carried on the development work with the partner universities towards the goal to create and design new ways to approach climate change issues from a variety of perspectives.


Sharing of mutual knowledge on sustainable technologies for water and waste management, including the energy issues, has proved to be an excellent scheme for the work. In both water and waste aspects the energy issues related to alternative technologies is promoted.

More information can be found on the project pages at:

Joni Sallila
Project Manager
Senior lecturer
Tampere University of Applied Sciences

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