Cross-cultural Communication and Global Employability, 3 ECTS

TAMK Language Centre has a new course on offer next spring:

N-00DH77-3001 Cross-cultural Communication and Global Employability, 3 ECTS

Please find the description of the course below:

The world is changing really fast with development in technology. This phenomenon is making the world of work also to change accordingly. However, some jobs are changing faster than the others. An example of this is in emerging trends in education, which heavily involves using technology in teaching, e.g online courses.

The purpose of this course is to assist students to recognise their own skills and equip them with necessary 21st century skills as stipulated by WEF 2020 and experts. The course is an online course in collaboration with TAMK’s strategic partners like Budapest Business School, Paderborn University, and Brno University of Technology.

The learning outcomes will include elements of 21st century skills:
1. Cross-cultural communicative competence
2. Research-orientedness
3. Team skills
4. Creativity
5. Time management skills
6. Flexibility

More information:


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