First time to be a host

The author is a student who worked as a host for Language Teaching Tomorrow 2019 international week.

On the thursday, 16th of may, i was one of the host at tamk for the international language meeting. It is my first time to be a host and i appreciated that i was gave a chance, and luckly, everything went well except some small problems with the computer.

At begainning, i am excited that i could arrange the whole process and introduce the speechers of every topic, especially when i enjoying the music( in the shadow, finnish song) show at around 8 : 30 for welcoming the guests from all over the world. After 30 minutes, Ms. Mira Grönvall gave the speech, work life simulation as a learning platform but i am not there. Then, was  the coffee break. My time was started at 10 : 30, i told them that is my first time to host such a excellent meeting and i felt nervous after i roughly introduced my name and some basic information about me, the next, i threw the topic         ( brief introduction to Finnish language) out and challenged myself by spoke the finnish name with R sound, i got appload and encourage from the speecher and the guests though my prounciation not well, i knew. For this lecture, it last for 90 minutes and everyone was took part in positively and really enjoyed themselves within group members while they talking with each other and tought finnish. And the second is a workshop, Are your students interculturally competent and it shows well, as well as the third speech, teaching foreign languaes in a multicultural environment, a communicative approach.

Everyone have to experience many first time in any form, for me at the tamk to host the process, i think it is a good begainning to start my vivid life.



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