Informal language training provided by the Students’ Union Tamko

Students’ Union Tamko is arranging a language group experiment based on peer learning. The language groups are meant for all TAMK students who want to study or keep up their language skills. Fluent speakers of different languages are also needed.

The students who want to join the experiment can register by filling in the electronic form by 23 March.  Please indicate what languages you would like to learn and what languages you would be able to ”teach” to others.

Fill in the form, and within a few weeks Tamko will contact everyone based on their shared interests. When and how the language group meets and studies is completely up to the group members.

Every group should have a supervisor to coordinate the meetings. Select the option in the form if you feel being up to that task.

More information:

Henri Mäntysaari, Tamko’s board – International affairs, international(at)

Photo: Kristian Staack

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