Students’ Union Tamko will continue its Language Bath groups this autumn

Language bath groups are based on peer learning – students teach a language they know and learn something else from others. There are no actual teachers, and studying is mostly discussion. It is all up to the group what they want to do. No ECTS credits will be given, but a language learned is a prize in itself!

Groups will be formed for languages that have both people who want to learn and people who are native speakers. You can choose one language you can teach and one you want to learn (plus a second choice). Teachers need to be at the native level in their language, and students need to have some prior knowledge in the language they want to learn. It is not possible to join the group with no beforehand knowledge: for that there are courses available in TAMK and Studying in Tampere Region website.

Last spring the most popular bath groups were German, French, Spanish, and Finnish, so these groups are likely to be organised again. Teachers of Japanese and Swedish were highly needed, so if either of them is your native language, you know what to do.

To join, fill in the form on Tamko’s web page. You will be contacted during September.

Photo: Kristian Staack

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