Student, do you know how to communicate appropriately in a multicultural and multilingual workplace?

Student, do you know how to communicate appropriately in a multicultural and multilingual workplace?

You should, because you will almost inevitably study and work in multicultural settings. Understanding and being able to apply the basic elements of intercultural and multilingual communication allows you to work better in multicultural contexts.

Now you can improve your competence to work in a multicultural workplace and use different languages in a flexible manner! The Language Centres of Tampere University and TAMK offer a unique course that combines English, Swedish, Finnish, intercultural communication, speech communication, and scientific writing into one handy package. The course consists of three modules and simulates working life, since the students will work in small multicultural teams both face to face and online.


Course name: Communication and Languages in a Multicultural Workplace, 2-5 credits

Course structure: Modules 1-3

  • Module 1: How to communicate in a multicultural workplace? 2 cr (mandatory)

Build the foundations with the help of theory, practical tips and by contacting people working in multicultural contexts. Use different languages and help everybody stay involved despite different language skills.

  • Module 2: How to organize a project? 2 cr

Working in projects is common nowadays. In this module, you will (also) boost your project skills by organising a small-scale project with your multicultural and multilingual small group.

  • Module 3: How to analyse workplace communication? 1 cr

Did you get a summer job or do you already work in a multicultural workplace? Continue improving your competence in multicultural and multilingual settings by reflecting and analysing workplace communication and your communication competence and language skills.

Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish and any other language you find possible to use within the group. NB! You need to be able to work in English. It is good but not mandatory to be able to speak Finnish and Swedish.

Modes of study: Face to face meetings (attendance obligatory) and working online

Target group: Local and international students

WHEN AND HOW DO I APPLY? The course is organised in spring 2019. More information and application via by 10.1.2019.

Contact information:,,,,

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