Retake examinations

Students who fail a language course or who wish to improve their grade for a particular course, can normally take part in one of the retake examination sessions organised by TAMK Language Services. The date on which an exam can be retaken is shown in the implementation specifications for each course. Students must enroll on retake examinations through Exams in Pakki at least ten days before the examination (please see the guide to using the retake examination system).

In the academic year 2018-2019, exams for language courses can be retaken as shown below:

Date Time Place
23.8.2018 16:30-19:30 D1-04
15.11.2018 16:30-19:30 D1-04
13.12.2018 16:30-19:30 D1-04
24.1.2019 16:30-19:30 D1-04
14.2.2019 16:30-19:30 D1-04
21.3.2019 16:30-19:30 D1-04
11.4.2019 16:30-19:30 D1-04
16.5.2019 16:30-19:30 D1-04
6.6.2019 16:30-19:30 D1-04