Cross-cultural Communication and Global Employability, 3 ECTS

TAMK Language Centre has a new course on offer next spring:

N-00DH77-3001 Cross-cultural Communication and Global Employability, 3 ECTS

Please find the description of the course below:

The world is changing really fast with development in technology. This phenomenon is making the world of work also to change accordingly. However, some jobs are changing faster than the others. An example of this is in emerging trends in education, which heavily involves using technology in teaching, e.g online courses.

The purpose of this course is to assist students to recognise their own skills and equip them with necessary 21st century skills as stipulated by WEF 2020 and experts. The course is an online course in collaboration with TAMK’s strategic partners like Budapest Business School, Paderborn University, and Brno University of Technology.

The learning outcomes will include elements of 21st century skills:
1. Cross-cultural communicative competence
2. Research-orientedness
3. Team skills
4. Creativity
5. Time management skills
6. Flexibility

More information:


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Preparatory and Elective Language Studies for 2018

Preparatory and elective language studies have now been updated in the Language Centre blog.

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Language Courses for TAMK Students Offered by University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology

Please remember that all TAMK degree students can also take language courses offered by the University of Tampere and the Tampere University of Technology.

At UTA, enrolment for the courses organised in the third period begins in December. Courses offered by the UTA Language Centre can be enrolled through the Service for Cross-institutional Studies. More information about cross-institutional studies at UTA is available at the Study Guide. In addition, students have to enrol to the UTA Language Centre courses using NettiOpsu. The enrolment for the courses organised by the UTA Language Centre in the third period begins on 13.12.2017 and ends on 3.1.2018. The information about acceptance or being in queue can be seen in NettiOpsu on 5.1.2018 at the latest. Tampere3 students can be accepted on the courses if there are free places. All the courses available and other instructions can be found through the teaching schedule of the UTA Language Centre.

Exchange students apply for courses using Unipoli studies portal.

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New English Preparatory Online Course

One additional preparatory English online course will be organised this autumn, N-KV572-3031 Basics of English Grammar. Please see the list of all preparatory courses here.

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Courses for International and Internationally Minded Students


intratiedote EOTOWould you like to get to know students coming from different countries, meet with them in casual settings, learn their languages and culture and/or teach them your own, and get credits for doing that? If you became interested, Each One Teach One is exactly for you.

Take a look at the course description ( and check out the blog diaries of students who have completed the course (, and if you became interested, fill in the registration form ( by 3.9.2017. Those accepted in the course will be notified by email on 5.9.2017, and they are invited to attend the kick-off info on 6.9.2017 at 15:00 in D1-02 auditorium.

More information:


Attention all international students! Want to visit local schools and get a credit for doing that? The School Visits course is aimed at all exchange and foreign degree students at TAMK, and it consists of three visits to local comprehensive or secondary schools and participating in lessons for example by giving country and culture presentations, helping with language teaching, demonstrating how to cook the national food of your home country, etc. The students are awarded 1 credit for completing the course. For additional information, see the course description (

If you would like to participate in this unique course, please fill in the registration form ( highlighting your skills before 3 September 2017, and then wait for the local schools to contact you. The schedules for the visits are always agreed upon separately.

More information:

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Kesäyliopiston valmentavat kurssit englannissa ja ruotsissa

Tampereen kesäyliopisto järjestää englannin ja ruotsin valmentavat kurssit kesällä 2017. Kursseilla voi suoraan lukea hyväksi TAMKin valmentavat opinnot ko. kielissä. Kurssien hinta TAMKin perustutkinto-opiskelijalle on 40€. Lue lisää alla olevista linkeistä:

Englannin kielen valmentavat opinnot VENGVAL-8

Ruotsin kielen valmentavat opinnot VRUOTVAL-8

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University-level Language Studies at Summer University of Tampere, Summer 2017

It is possible to apply for including the courses below as part of your degree at TAMK.

English, Preparatory Course in Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes 2 ECTS (TaY)

8.–23.8.2017, 100 €

English, Preparatory Course in Communicative Skills 2 ECTS (TaY) 5.–15.6., 100 €

Introduction to Academic English 4 ECTS (TaY) (mostly held online) 22.5.–30.6., 150 €

InterActing in English 2 ECTS (TaY) 14.–28.8., 100 €

English, Dialogue: Constructive Talk at Work 2 ECTS (TaY) 5.–14.6., 100 €

English, Professional Writing 2 ECTS (TaY) (online course) 15.5.–9.7., 100 €

Spanish I 4 ECTS (TaY) 17.5.–21.6., 150 €

Spanish II 4 ECTS (TaY) 7.8.–6.9., 150 €

Spanish III 4 ECTS (TaY) 17.5.–21.6., 150 €

Spanish IV 4 ECTS (TaY) 7.8.–6.9., 150 €

Spanish Preparatory Course – Grammar and Vocabulary 2 ECTS (TaY) 29.5.–14.6., 100 €

Italian for Beginners 1 3 ECTS (HY) 29.5.–21.6., 135 €

Italian for Beginners 2 3 ECTS (HY) 7.8.–30.8., 135 €

Italian Conversation for Beginners 2 ECTS (HY) 15.5.–5.6., 100 €

Practical Italian 2 ECTS (HY) 16.5.–6.6.2017, 100 €

Japanese Elementary Course 1 3 ECTS (TAMK) 15.5.–15.6., 120 €

Japanese Elementary Course 2 3 ECTS (TAMK) 31.7.–31.8., 120 €

Chinese I 4 ECTS (TaY) 16.5.–20.6.and 18.7.–29.8., 150 €

Chinese III 4 ECTS (TaY) 18.5.–22.6. and 20.7.–31.8., 150 €

Portuguese for Beginners 4 ECTS (HY) 29.5.–19.6., 150 €

Intermediate Portuguese 4 ECTS (HY) 7.–28.8., 150 €

French I 4 ECTS (TaY) 15.5.–20.6., 150 €

French II 4 ECTS (TaY) 1.8.–5.9., 150 €

Swedish Preparatory Course – Grammar and Vocabulary 2 ECTS (TaY) 30.5.-20.6., 100 €

Swedish Written and Oral Skills 4 ECTS (TaY)
15.5.–13.6. (Course 1) and 7.8.–7.9. (Course 2), 150 €/course

German I 4 ECTS (TaY) 23.5.–21.6., 150 €

German II 4 ECTS (TaY) 7.8.–4.9., 150 €

German Preparatory Course – Grammar and Vocabulary 2 ECTS (TaY) 30.5.–20.6., 100 €

Finnish, Academic Writing in Finnish 3 ECTS (TaY) (held partly online) 31.5.-14.6., 135 €

Finnish as Foreign Language, Finnish Elementary Course 1

3 ECTS (TaY) 24.7.–10.8., 135 €

Finnish as Foreign Language, Finnish Elementary Course 2

3 ECTS (TaY) 14.–31.8., 135 €

Russian I 4 ECTS (TaY) 15.5–21.6., 150 €

Russian II 4 ECTS (TaY) 2.8.–4.9., 150 €

Russian III 4 ECTS (TaY) 16.5–20.6., 150 €

Russian Preparatory Course 2 ECTS (TaY) 1.–29.8., 100 €

Advance information about preparatory courses held at the end of summer 2017:

Preparatory Studies, English, VENGVAL-8, 3 ECTS (TAMK)

Preparatory Studies, Swedish, VRUOTVAL-8, 3 ECTS (TAMK)

More information about the schedules, enrolment, and fees will be available in April-May 2017.

Abbreviations (after the name of the course): HY = according to the requirements of University of Helsinki, TaY = according to the requirements of University of Tampere, TAMK = the course may be included into Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) degree upon request.

The lessons are held mostly in the evenings.

The autumn course programme will be published on the Summer University website during the summer.

The enrolment normally ends two weeks before the beginning of the course. If there are places available on the course, it may be possible to join the course even after the enrolment has ended.

The fees are same for everyone.

More information and enrolment:

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Free Finnish for Foreigners Online Course

There is a new Finnish for foreigners course available that focuses on spoken Finnish. The course is free and fully available online. It is designed for anyone interested in learning or teaching basic Finnish. The course link:

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Language Teaching Tomorrow 2017 – International Week for Language Teachers

For the third time, TAMK and JAMK Language Centres are organising together Language Teaching Tomorrow, the international week for language teachers, on 8.-12.5.2017. The week gathers together about a hundred language teachers from about 20 different countries. More information available through the links below.






#languageteachingtomorrow #ltt2017

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New preparatory online course in English this spring!

There will be an additional preparatory online course in English organised this spring. Course information: For more information, please contact the course teacher Mirja Kolehmainen.


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