Support for learning

Accessible learning

TAMK is fully committed to developing the physical, psychological and social accessibility of teaching and learning so that every individual, regardless of their special characteristics, can pursue a programme of study on an equal footing with everybody else.

Special study arrangements and Learning Support Voucher

Studies do not always go as planned. If students know or suspect that they have some difficulty that hinders learning or some other related need for special need, they should contact their teacher tutor or study counsellor. They will give guidance and advice for example about obtaining an expert report and applying for a Learning Support Voucher.

TAMK has introduced a Learning Support Voucher system, which enables students to get the special help that they may need in order to make progress in their studies. Students who think they need such help must first obtain a report to that effect from an expert (dyslexia report, doctor’s or public health nurse’s report). Once this report has been obtained, the student applies for a Learning Support Voucher by completing an electronic form which can be found in the TAMK Intranet. The printed and signed form, together with a copy of the expert report, is sent to the student’s own counsellor. If the application is accepted, the Learning Support Voucher entitles the student to use up to 20 hours of learning support per academic year; the student requests support from whichever teachers or counsellors he/she thinks can be of most help. The Learning Support Voucher cannot be used by open UAS students or exchange students.

The need for temporary or long-term special study arrangements may be caused by a number of different factors, including the following:
– dyslexia
– other reading disorders
– various neurological problems, such as AS, ADD/ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome
– mental health problems
– sight and hearing-related disabilities
– physical disabilities

The Learning Support Voucher can be used for example for the following special arrangements:
– tailored guidance on planning and organising the studies and time management
– extra teaching or guidance
– extra time to do an exam or complete other graded assignments
– a quiet room to sit an exam
– individualised flexible learning tasks and/or schedules
– use of technical aids or devices
– special consideration in the evaluation procedure (in the case of learning disabilities)
– extra guidance on writing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis

Dyslexia and Learning Support Voucher

An up-to-date dyslexia report issued after primary school is always required for the Learning Support Voucher. The diagnostic test for dyslexia must be taken in one’s own mother tongue. At TAMK, it is only possible to test degree students whose mother tongue is Finnish. The Learning Support Voucher is granted only to students who have moderate or severe dyslexia. If you believe you may be dyslexic but your native language is not Finnish, you should get a diagnosis in your home country, or another country which has the facilities to test you in your native language.

Who to contact

In matters regarding support for learning, always contact both your own language teacher and the responsible language teacher of your field of study.


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